Christchurch terror attack: Councillor says Government's help for Linwood businesses not enough

The Government will offer support and advisory services to businesses left struggling after the Christchurch terror attacks, but no compensation.

Newshub revealed in July businesses near the Linwood Mosque, one of the sites targeted in the terror attack, have lost thousands since they were cordoned off during the attack.

Local councillor Yani Johanson told Newshub they really need cash.

"I'll continue to fight for the compensation for those businesses that were within the cordon and were impacted by the cordon, especially in terms of loss of resources."

Johanson said the businesses have been through the wringer since March 15 and the Government's offer is not enough.

"Sadly that support has been too little too late and in the meantime, these businesses have been through the most horrendous set of experiences."

'Rent to Own' shopworker Donna O'Malley told Newshub earlier in July she had lost her job after 18 years.

"People ring up and say 'oh I want to rent to own' and you explain what they need to bring down. 'Oh I don't want to come down into Linwood'."

Johanson said it's not surprising the Government was caught unprepared for the situation initially, but there needs to be change in the future.

"Of course there wouldn't be policy in place for these sorts of things, but in light of what's happened hopefully there can be a review of how these cordons are managed in the future so that no other business has to go through this."