Crash leaves car stuck in Auckland cycleway

An Auckland driver has ended up trapped on a shared footpath after an incident near the Auckland suburb of Wiri.

Witnesses say they found the car stuck in between a metal fence and concrete wall on Cavendish Dr near the Auckland suburb of Wiri on Saturday evening.

"I ran up to the car and he was unconscious. I was just in panic mode, so I just went straight in, dived in the car, grabbed the keys out, put it in park," one witness, who told Newshub his name was Jason, said.

"He was still trying to rev, he was like unconscious trying to rev."

Another witness who said her name was Paris told Newshub it looked like the car had gotten stuck and the driver tried to keep driving, only making the problem worse.

She said her first concern when coming across the scene was the safety of anyone who could have been using the path when the car arrived.

"I was hoping there was no-one underneath the car, cause it's a cycle and a walkway. So we checked underneath the car and then I was hoping he's okay, but he looked fine."

Jason said the driver appeared to be intoxicated, smelling of bourbon and unable to hold his head up.

A police spokesperson told Newshub they could not find any record of the incident.