Far-right leader Martin Sellner refuses to let Tarrant donation go to anti-racism charity

Far-right leader Martin Sellner is refusing to let a donation to the Mosque attack victims go to an anti-racism charity.

Sellner has taken back money that originally came from the alleged gunman, claiming that if Victim Support passed it to an anti-racism cause it could end up funding "left-wing terrorism".

Victim Support spurned the donation after Newshub revealed Sellner had given them money he got from alleged Christchurch gunman Brenton Tarrant.

In an email to Sellner, which the far-right leader has tweeted, Victim Support said: "We believe the victims will not feel comfortable receiving funds linked to the alleged gunman who has inflicted so much pain on them and their community."

Victim Support then said if it didn't hear back from Sellner by 9am on Friday, the organisation would give the money to an "anti-racism charity".

But Sellner won't let that happen, taking the money back and telling Newshub he didn't want it ending up in the hands of a "political organisation".

He said he was concerned that Victim Support may give the money to a charity "linked to left wing terrorism".

In an email to Victim Support, Sellner said he wants to "keep control of the money and prevent it going to an organisation that is working together with left-wing terrorists like antifa".

 "Antifa" - a contraction of the word anti-facist - is a term for radical activists that oppose white supremacists and far-right activists, often with violence. 

Sellner said in his email that he was "very sorry" that Victim Support didn't want the donation.

 "I think it would be a good sign against terrorism and political violence from every ideology and religion. Even though we might not agree in our political views or religious beliefs, we can all agree that violence and terror needs to be fought, shunned and prevented".

Despite asserting he is a peaceful person, Sellner's identitarian group Generation Identity is often accused of engaging in violent tactics to preserve "European purity" and supporting facist violence. 

Sellner refused to tell Newshub what charity he will now give the money to as he is "afraid the same thing will happen again and I don't want that".