'Gutting': Te Papa apologises after guest speaker unable to access stage in wheelchair

New Zealand's national museum Te Papa has apologised for not being able to cater to a man who uses a wheelchair - who had been asked to present at the Wellington building.

Chris Ford from the Disabled Persons Assembly was supposed to give a talk at Te Papa for a conference last week. Ford could not perform his speech as the stage did not have a wheelchair ramp. 

Te Papa told Newshub a temporary stage was being used, and normally a ramp would be provided when required. In this case, it didn't happen.

A spokesperson for Te Papa has apologised for the incident.

"We're really aware of making Te Papa accessible to everyone," says spokesperson Kate Camp.

"We have some great feedback from people that it is accessible, so it's particularly gutting in this case that Chris wasn't able to take the stage."

Ford says it is a human right for anyone living with a disability to be able to access the same spaces as everyone else.

Te Papa told Newshub they will be buying a ramp for the temporary stage so this doesn't happen again.