Jonah Lomu's 'niece' Selaima Fakaosilea faces life in jail over meth importation

The 'niece' of All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu has been convicted over her role in New Zealand's largest meth bust - and now faces life in prison.

Selaima Fakaosilea was a first-cousin-once-removed of Lomu, although she referred to him as "uncle", Stuff reports.

She has been convicted this week of importing meth and participating in an organised criminal group over her role in a group which attempted to bring in 501kg of meth through Northland's Ninety Mile Beach in 2016.

Fakaosilea said she had no knowledge of the drugs or their importation, however, the jury found her guilty of all the charges.

Her brother, Ulakai Fakaosilea, has already been sentenced to 22 years, nine months' jail, with a non-parole of eight years, nine months, for his role in the meth importation.

Despite this, another brother, professional rugby player Lolo Fakaosilea, still backs his sister, Stuff reports.

"I am 100 per cent in full support of my sister and will continue to be throughout this whole process," Lolo said.

He told Stuff his family were considering an appeal for his sister.

"My brother pleaded guilty, so in terms of what he's done it's already been settled – at the moment we're just trying to deal with my sister's case," he said.

Sentencing has been delayed until next month.