New Zealand educators support Welsh law change for gender neutral, affordable school uniforms

New Zealand educators are in support of a new policy introduced in Wales, which makes all school uniforms gender neutral and affordable.

The Welsh Department of Education introduced the new uniform code last week to bring down costs for parents.

It ensures all uniforms are widely available so parents will no longer be forced to buy from a single supplier.

Schools will also no longer be allowed to have separate uniforms for boys and girls. Uniform items such as trousers or shorts will be available for anyone to wear.

The policy has got the support of New Zealand educators, with the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) backing the change.

"In terms of gender and the LGBTQI community, I think it's a great idea," NZSTA president Lorraine Kerr told Newshub.

"Most of our schools do allow gender neutral uniforms," she said on Wednesday.

Kerr says she has no doubt parents would jump at the opportunity to spend less on school uniforms.

"I am absolutely sure every parent in this country would welcome that, especially for the start of year costs," said Kerr.

"Minimising costs so parents aren't penalised, I think that's a fantastic idea."

The Ministry of Education says it's up to schools to ensure they minimise costs of uniform for parents and caregivers.

"We recognise that uniforms often represent a significant cost for parents and whānau," said Dr Andrea Schöllmann, the deputy secretary for education system policy.

"Schools should make sure where practicable they do everything they can to make decisions on uniforms that minimise the costs," she told Newshub In a statement.

NZSTA says it would support bringing the policy into New Zealand schools.

"If we're asked by boards, we will look into and yes we could do that," said Kerr.



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