New Zealand Union of Students launches campaign to highlight young candidates

A new campaign has been launched aiming to make local body elections appealing to young people.

The NZ Union of Students is putting the spotlight on the record number of candidates aged under 30 standing for the 2019 local body elections.

Vice president Caitlin Barlow-Groome says currently, many don't feel they have a voice.

"At the moment there's only roughly 2 percent of people under 30 that actually are currently elected."

Barlow-Groome said people may not realise the issues discussed by their local representatives affect them deeply.

"That's something that we're trying to push too, that actually these issues affect their everyday life, you know the roads they walk on or drive on, public transport, water you drink.

"I think we just need to educate people to understand why they should be involved with local body elections."

The local body elections will take place in October and will elect Mayors, council representatives and District Health Board members.  


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