New Zealand venues found wanting when it comes to wheelchair access - Disabled Persons Assembly

New Zealand's national museum is apologising for being ill-equipped to cater for wheelchair access.

Wellington's Te Papa museum has come under the spotlight, after a speaker from the Disabled Persons Assembly, invited to talk at the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand, was unable to take to the stage.

Assembly spokesperson Chris Ford said it was a shame that wasn't taken into consideration.

"It was very disappointing not to be able to access the stage," he told The AM Show. 

"I can verify that Te Papa is largely accessible," Ford said. "Just when it comes to events like this, sometimes venues such as Te Papa can be found wanting, that's very unfortunate.

"However, as you have referred to, I have been apologised to, I have accepted that apology."

Ford told The AM Show on Monday there has been an improvement, but added there were still accessibility issues throughout the country.

Te Papa spokesperson Kate Camp told Newshub on Sunday it was aware of making the museum accessible to everyone.

"We have some great feedback from people that it is accessible, so it's particularly gutting in this case that Chris wasn't able to take the stage."