No consideration given to businesses near Linwood Mosque - owners

Business owners near Christchurch's Linwood Mosque claim no one has given any consideration to the trauma they've suffered.

Many are losing money in the aftermath of the terror attack, after 51 people lost their lives in the attack on two mosques - Linwood and Al Noor.

Trish Bailey is closing her beauty therapy business after 13 years, and says there's more than a financial impact.

Bailey said she lost loyal clients because of the location, as well as any potential new customers.

"I'm very anxious," she told The AM Show on Wednesday. "I can tell you probably everyone that walks passed my building now, which before I wouldn't really pay much attention to.

"I'm a bit sleepless at night."

On March 15 with seven people killed at the mosque a cordon went up around the area and kept surrounding shops shut for 10 days. The businesses took an instant hit.

And while the cordon is now down, business owners say they've never recovered. While they're lucky they didn't lose their lives they are frustrated that now they're losing their livelihoods.

Bailey told The AM Show for three months after the attack, armed police were walking about the area.

"While it's for safety, it also can be intimidating for people to think for someone to think 'Eh, okay, do I want to go there'?

"Slowly, I'm missing repeat clients who haven't come in - ones that just obviously aren't comfortable to come in to the Linwood area."

In documents obtained by Newshub, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment says the 12 businesses in close proximity to Linwood Mosque do not need emergency business support, writing that no employees have been laid off and business has returned to normal.

Bailey said she may relocate and run her business from home.

"Hopefully then I may get some of my clients that have not been wanting to come to Linwood."

She had a message for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

"Oh Jacinda, you just forgot us," Bailey said. "And that's the sad part."

Government authorities have been contacted for comment on Wednesday.


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