NZTA's proposal to slash Northland speed limits slammed

Speed limits could be slashed on three Far North state highways under a new NZTA proposal.

According to the NZTA, the local community thinks current speeds in some Northland areas feel too high to be safe.

However it's been met with pushback from Kiwis who say the NZTA needs to "get real".

The proposed speed limit reductions would cut maximum speed limits on sections of State Highway 1, 10 and 11.

The proposals are:


SH1 between Moerewa-Kawakawa

  • Reduce the speed to 80km/h for the 100km/h section from Kawakawa, over the three bridges to just before Moerewa
  • Reduce the speed to 50km/h for the 70km/h section from Mac's Prime Meats to Leatity St in Moerewa

SH11 between Puketona-Haruru

  • Reduce the speed to 80km/h over the 100km/h section from Puketona to Haruru Falls
  • reduce the speed to 60km/h for the 70km/h section through Haruru Falls

SH10 between Taipa-Awanui

  • Reduce the speed limit to 80km/h between Awanui and Taipa

Why does the NZTA want to do it?


"Between 2009 and 2018, there were 167 crashes on these roads with six people killed and 13 seriously injured," the NZTA says.

"People in communities along the way have told the Transport Agency they want lower speed limits on these stretches of state highway."

The NZTA is asking for feedback on its plans before formal consultation starts.

"We need to bring communities along with us by having open and honest discussions about the impact of speed, listening to people and understanding different perspectives, so that when a decision is made to change a speed limit people understand why and the benefits of the change being made," safe network programme director Tim Crow says.

However it's already been met with a mixed reaction, with people saying more needs to be done to make safer roads.

"All this will do is increase accidents on the roads.... It's not the speed limits it's the idiots on the roads!! Put your pen down and go have a look instead of going off a computer program!!!" one person commented on Facebook

"Build proper roads with barriers. If you cross the center line it doesn't matter what speed you are doing. Get real NZTA and accept your responsibility to CREATE SAFER ROADS!" another said.

However the NZTA says the new speed limits would reflect the actual risk on the road and reduce the likelihood of serious crashes.

"The speed limit is the maximum legal speed that you can travel at on a road in perfect conditions. However, road conditions are rarely perfect and to drive safely, motorists have to look out for changes in traffic and road conditions and the weather," Crow says.

"Speed increases both the likelihood of crashes and the severity of crash outcomes, regardless of what causes a crash."


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