Police visit 'rudest cafe in New Zealand' after multiple complaints

Police say they have visited the "rudest cafe in New Zealand" after receiving multiple complaints from customers over their treatment.

Canterbury's Springfield Store and Cafe might have won awards for its pies, but it's has become notorious for its poor online reviews. Dozens of people have complained about receiving "verbal abuse" from the owners, Karyn and Donald Cullingford.

"Extremely rude, aggressive, and threatening conduct. Disgusting!" one Google Review reads.

"The rudest - nastiest - people behind the counter you will ever met - Don't bother to go there!" another states.

Police confirmed to Newshub they have visited the store to follow up on the complaints they have received.

However the cafe also has its online defenders, with one saying the cafe has "the best pies you will find anywhere".

"The owners are good honest friendly people who respond to good manners with good service," they wrote on Tripadvisor.

"I've seen customers in here who are shockers. Screaming out of control kids who the parents make no attempt to restrain, people who bring their own food and sit inside and all manner of self important idiots whining about (for example) the level of gluten and dairy free vegan options.

"I suspect it may be some of these entitled keyboard warriors who have placed negative reviews."

Karyn Cullingford admits she can be "a tad grumpy", but says some people read the reviews then deliberately come in to be rude and get a reaction.

"I know I make damn good food and… when people diss my food I do get a bit upset," she told Stuff.

"If you come in here and treat me like a bit of sh*t, you're going to get it back."