Reward for Katrina Jefferies murder cold case sparks people to offer new information

A reward being offered for information on an Auckland cold case has sparked several people to come forward with new information. 

Police have taken a significant number of calls and emails in relation to the murder of Katrina Jefferies in the past three weeks. 

They're offering a $100,000 reward for vital information on the 14-year-old cold case. 

A spokesperson says police are assessing all leads about the 22-year-old's death - but it will take some time. 

Police are urging anyone else who may know something to come forward.

Jefferies's body was found dumped in Hillsborough's Waikowhai Reserve in 2005. A large landscape painting and a piece of plywood were found near her body.

Although police have traced the items, they believe there are people who know more about these items and how they were used the weekend Jefferies was killed.