SkyCity to put climate change guides in each of its Auckland hotel rooms

SkyCity has decided to put a copy of a globally celebrated guide to reversing climate change in each of its hotel rooms.

Copies of Drawdown, a New York Times bestselling book by US science journalist, Paul Hawken, will begin appearing in SkyCity's Auckland hotel rooms within the next few months. 

"The decision is in line with our commitment to go carbon neutral in New Zealand in September", a SkyCity spokesperson told Newshub.

The book discusses 100 things humans can do to help stop and reverse the effects of climate change.

SkyCity chief executive Graeme Stephens discussed the move at Wednesday's first anniversary of the Climate Leader's Coalition. 

Although referring to the book as the "new Gideons' Bible" at the event, Stephens noted that the implementation of the book does not mean Gideons' Bibles will be removed from SkyCity's Auckland accommodation.

The presence of the book is SkyCity's attempt to raise awareness among its clients of the importance of contributing to the reversal of climate change.

"We were looking for an option that explained how we can collectively make a positive change," says the spokesperson.

"Drawdown focuses on the ways we all can halt and reverse climate change, written in a way that everyone understands, that doesn't have to be read from cover to cover."

At the anniversary event Stephens confirmed he had read the book and wanted others to know there is hope for climate change reversal if everyone does their bit.

"We want to show our customers that there is hope and offer practical solutions to overcoming climate change," says the spokesperson.

In early June, SkyCity showcased their dedication to climate change action by announcing their first low carbon menu. Developed in partnership with Enviro-Mark Solutions, the menu is offered at the fine-dining establishment, The Sugar Club.

The guide will be replaced with updated versions as they become available.