SPCA prosecutes Mount Maunganui man who threw dog against wall

Rafa was thrown against a wall.
Rafa was thrown against a wall. Photo credit: SPCA/Supplied.

The SPCA has prosecuted a Mount Maunganui man who threw a dog against a wall, causing it to go blind in one eye.

Alexander McGregor was sentenced on Monday morning at Tauranga District Court. 

The incident occurred in November 2018, when the defendant and his girlfriend were caring for her mother's dog, a Maltese cross-breed called Rafa.

The defendant claims the dog was "preventing him from relaxing" and was poorly trained. After becoming increasingly "annoyed" with the animal, McGregor threw Rafa into a bedroom in a "rugby pass motion," says an SPCA spokesperson.

The dog smashed into an internal wall. The force of the throw caused swelling, bleeding, and prolapsing to Rafa's left eye.

The defendant's girlfriend took Rafa to an after-hours veterinary clinic after she became aware of the extremely painful injury. 

Rafa now suffers with permanent vision loss.

"In one moment, Rafa was blinded in one eye by the person who was meant to be caring for him," says SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen.

"The pain he suffered was extreme. There is absolutely no excuse for violence against animals.

"The lifelong consequences for this dog were completely avoidable, unnecessary and cruel."

McGregor has been disqualified from owning or exercising authority over domestic pets for five years. He has been ordered to pay a $2000 fine to SPCA, $130 in legal fees and $824.70 in reparations to the dog's owner.


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