Strong opposition from residents near site of proposed Mt Erebus national memorial

Plans for a national memorial to the hundreds who died in the Mt Erebus air-crash have hit a snag.

Opposition has come from some residents who say they weren't consulted and the location needs to be reconsidered.

It's a special view at Auckland's Dove-Myer Robinson Park, and a line of small marker pegs give some idea where the Erebus memorial is to be built.

Called Te Paerangi Ataata (Sky Song), it's a stainless steel walkway that juts into the Waitemata Harbour.

"We believe that beautiful design, very imposing, majestic design would be suited in a more open vista, not in this little green enclave," says Julie Hill, the co-chair of the Parnell Heritage Trust.

In 1979, 257 people died when an Air New Zealand DC-10 crashed into Mt Erebus and for all the years since, the victims families have been lobbying for a permanent memorial.

After 40 years, Dove-Myer Robinson Park, also home to the Parnell Rose Garden, was chosen.

"To see it all now pegged out and to see how formidable it is with the path coming all the way down here and then this huge structure which will be visible from the ocean without any consultation whatsoever from the Parnell community is just outrageous," says Jaine Were, who walks her dog in the park often.

She believes the atmosphere of the park will be changed by the structure and is annoyed she wasn't consulted.

"If it comes down to it, we will propose a sit in."

Drawings of the structure were unveiled by the Prime Minister in April. Erebus families say the project is wonderful and they're glad the country is finally doing something.