Student scuffle breaks out at University of Auckland over controversial Hong Kong extradition bill

The University of Auckland has launched an investigation after Chinese students were filmed verbally threatening another group of students who were protesting against a proposed extradition bill in Hong Kong.

The student demonstrators, who were protesting on the university's city campus, were allegedly accosted by the group of Chinese males on Monday evening. One of the Chinese students reportedly said in Mandarin, "If you don't like China, get out of China!" 

The verbal threats escalated when one of the Chinese students called a protester, who said he could not understand Mandarin, a "f**king pig."

The dispute turned physical when the Chinese males pushed a Hong Kongese female student and protester to the ground.

The altercation is said to have been motivated by the students' conflicting viewpoints on the controversial extradition bill.

A bystander managed to capture the altercation on video and posted the footage to YouTube and other social media platforms. 

The video was subsequently uploaded to the Facebook group 'New Zealand Hong Konger', who called for a formal investigation of the incident and claimed the students' human rights had been infringed. 

"The group of students expressed their concerns in regards to the Extradition Law Amendment Bill and the brutality of Hong Kong police in the form [a] Lennon Wall, a display of supporting messages," says the Facebook group.

The page also claims the student denied pushing the female protester after being questioned by the university's security.

The University of Auckland responded to the allegations in the comments, saying they had been advised of a number of student disputes over differing viewpoints on the events in Hong Kong.

The university has confirmed a formal investigation is underway and the students involved have been spoken to. It has also reiterated its commitment to "academic freedom and freedom of speech".

A police spokesperson told Newshub that police have spoken with the complainant and will be investigating the incident in due course.

The proposed extradition bill would allow suspects in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China. Although the bill has been suspended, protesters have said they will continue to demonstrate until the proposition has been completely withdrawn.

Newshub have reached out to the Facebook group for comment.