Teens lead police on nearly 60km chase

A police car.
A police car. Photo credit: Getty

A pair of teens led police on a 57km chase on Saturday, eventually only stopping due to road spikes.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle in Reefton at around 9:15am, believing it may have been involved in a petrol drive-off earlier in July.

But it did not stop and continued travelling towards Blackball, 57km southwest of Reefton. Police followed at below the speed limit for the entire journey.

The car was stopped near Blackball Creek after spikes were deployed. Two people were taken into custody.

The car's driver, an 18-year-old male,  will face charges of reckless driving and failing to stop. He also had a warrant to arrest for breach of bail.

His passenger, a 19-year-old female, was subject to a parole recall warrant and will be transferred to the custody of Corrections.