'Unusually bright and long' meteor spotted above Taupo

Night sky.
Night sky. Photo credit: Getty.

A New Zealander has been lucky enough to spot an "unusually bright and long" meteor above Taupo.

Local resident David Bridson was in his spa pool on Friday night when he saw the "bright yellow fireball" streaking across the sky.

Bridson says it was brighter than the typical meteor, which he sees quite often.

"It was like a bright yellow arc ending in a very bright yellow light, glowing like a bulb, then it disappeared behind our house," he says.

"Looking at it, it was about five millimetres across in terms of size, much brighter than a star, much brighter than Jupiter."

After it disappeared behind his roof, he heard a double-tap caused by its passage overhead.

"I heard a sound like a low-frequency double-thud that I think may have been a sonic boom," he told Newshub.

It's not the first meteor he's seen above his home in Acacia Bay, which is fortunate enough to have clear skies.

"We see them quite often, when we're in spa pool we'll see two or three a night," he says.


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