Wellington bus network review opens

Wellington bus users can finally have their say on what is described as a network in shambles. 

An initial independent review suggested a number of changes, and the Greater Wellington Regional Council is now asking the public what to do next.

An online 'Have Your Say' forum will open on July 12, around a year after the network was completely changed, leading to disaster.

Busses failed to arrive on time or at all after the change, and though everything has settled down now some people still aren't happy.

Tramways and Public Transport Union secretary Kevin O'Sullivan told Newshub people are well aware of the issues.

"Everyone in Wellington who catches a bus now knows that it's pretty well stuffed, the network is really the problem and it has been from the start."

He said changing everything at the same time was a bad move. 

"Not just the operators changed, but the routes changed and the network. I think doing everything in the space of 24 hours was really what the problem is."

O'Sullivan said it was obvious there would be problems from the outset, considering the ambition of the project.

"We pretty well knew from the get-go that it wasn't going to work for very well, so it's quite pleasing that it's finally been acknowledged and we look forward to being part of the fix."

There will also be drop-in workshops for people to air their grievances with the network, beginning with the Eastern suburbs.