Ana Carolina spends first night at home with parents after almost a lifetime in hospital

She's been battling a rare illness since she was a toddler but her parents say she's finally got a fresh start. 

Waking up in a bedroom of their very own is a daily occurrence for most 6-year-olds but for Ana-Carolina, it's a first. 

"It's like a dream that we've had for a long time and we couldn't believe today is the day," her mother Elane de Moraes Lobo told Newshub.

For Ana-Carolina's parents it's a chance to finally unpack and give their daughter a home. Yesterday Ana-Carolina's parents were given the all-clear to take their daughter home. 

She had lived almost her entire life in Starship's intensive care ward. 

"It's 2,117 days of medical shifts. It's just a lifetime really," said her father Peter Bircham.

Ana-Carolina was born healthy but was diagnosed with a mystery condition when she was just five months old.

It's been a battle all the way. As well as caring for Ana-Caroline up to 20 hours a day her parents have also been fighting Auckland DHB.

The tussle erupted over the right place for a ventilated child.

"We pretty much had to fight to keep her alive initially. Over time they saw that children could be at home," said Elane.

Now that she's home and they're looking for staff to help provide fulltime care. 

Once that's sorted Bircham will finally be able to return to work. But for now, the family is looking forward to the simple pleasures. 

"Having breakfast together and taking Anna-Carolina to the supermarket to sit on the couch and watch a movie as a family," he said.

A chance for a normal life, enjoying the things many take for granted.