Attempting the police fitness test - am I fit enough to be an officer?

Being a police officer is not an easy job - you have to be tough, smart and level-headed in some pretty intense situations. But you also have to be fit.

How fit? Fit enough to run, jump, and balance as well as climb walls and drag bodies.

It's not as easy as it may seem.

Newshub got the opportunity to head along and attempt the police Physical Competency Test (PCT) at the Porirua Police College.

Being the athletic goddess I am, I (figuratively) jumped at the chance.

The test asks participants be of "above average" physical competency. 

I am decidedly below average but what I lack in skill I make up for in determination.

Superintendent Mel Aitkens has been a cop for twenty years. She's about five foot of pure muscle - a formidable opponent for gangly, un-athletic me.

She may very possibly be the strongest woman alive - but she's also warm, funny and very positive about my lack of sporting prowess.

After reassuring me I wasn't going to keel over and die mid-test, Mel and I went head to head to see who the fitter woman was.

Unsurprisingly, Mel came out on top. But very surprisingly, after a lung-burning, stomach-churning, arm-wrenching couple of minutes, I made it out of the PTC alive.

And I only failed by five seconds!

So if you're keen to become a cop, and get some better work stories, make sure you learn from my mistakes and do some training first.

Watch the full video above.