Canterbury banker who 'mistakenly' had sex with sleeping woman facing jail

The man will be sentenced next month.
The man will be sentenced next month. Photo credit: Getty

A Canterbury man has been found guilty of raping a woman while she slept and will be sentenced next month.

The 29-year-old banker, who has name suppression, will be sentenced on September 30, after the guilty verdict was delivered in the Christchurch District Court on Friday, Christchurch Court News reports.

Judge Paul Kellar said the "inevitable outcome" for the man would be a prison sentence. Name suppression would continue so the man could let his employers know.

The incident happened at a Christchurch house last year, where a group of rugby players were watching TV and consuming alcohol.

The man claimed he accidentally got into bed with a married woman, who lived at the house, and "mistakenly" had sex with her, as he thought she was his girlfriend, Court News reports.

At the hearing on Friday, the court heard the man had also taken ecstasy, but the effects of it had worn off, Judge Kellar said.

The judge was satisfied the complainant did not consent to any sexual activity, he said.

"I do not consider that he was so affected by alcohol that he did not know what he was doing," the judge said. 

"This is a case where you - disinhibited by alcohol but not so affected that you didn't know what you were doing - have done something that you would have never done sober. I find you guilty of sexual violation."