Christchurch explosion: Homeowners affected by last month's massive blast get discounted rates

Some homeowners affected by last month's gas explosion in Christchurch will be eligible for a reduction in rates.

Six people were injured in the blast in Marble Ct, Northwood, with their conditions ranging from critical to serious.

The blast also turned one house to rubble, and damaged surrounding properties.

The Christchurch City Council on Thursday agreed it would offer a rates remission for uninhabitable properties impacted by the Northwood incident. 

Councillor Aaron Keown said it made perfect sense.

"Anyone that loses their house - no matter whether it's a flood, fire or explosion - should not pay rates.

"If you've got something you cannot use, you should not be paying a tax on it."

The offer of reduced rates will extend until homes are habitable again, or until June.

Councillor James Gough was also supportive of the move.

"It's very similar to the earthquake-affected rates remission," he said.

"Charging people rates on the improving value of their homes when they literally no longer have one, would be heartless and illogical."

"This is the right thing to do."

Officials continue to investigate the cause of the blast.