Community mourns man killed in Christchurch hit-and-run

A manhunt continues for the driver of the van that allegedly fatally struck a homeless man on Wednesday.

Armed police have been out in force in Christchurch's eastern suburbs, as they work to arrest a man in his 20s.

Liam Strickland is on the run after police say he drove a fleeing stolen van that fatally struck a homeless man in New Brighton.

Armed police seek information as they hunt for him. The scene of the hit-and-run in the suburb of New Brighton remains cordoned off 

Many have been left saddened by the death Dean (Deano) Aimes - hit by the van - and who often relied on charity to eat. 

The manhunt for Liam Strickland continues.
The manhunt for Liam Strickland continues. Photo credit: New Zealand Police

"We know him as we do a lot of the homeless people because they come most days to the fridge to get food, and you get to know what they like and how they are," community fridge and pantry owner Trudy Burrows told Newshub.

"He was one of the quieter ones,but he had great manners. He was always a please and thank you man and very appreciative of anything he got."

Facebook photos show Deano with his beloved dog Chloe. Everyone in the suburb is still trying to process the police chase, and what happened 

"This morning [Thursday] we've had a lot of people down at the fridge here, and yeah they're just very sad," Burrows said. "Some are angry, but there's definitely a sadness in the community."

Another man is due to appear in court on charges relating to the tragedy, while 24 hours on the manhunt continues for Strickland.