Concerns growing over a South Korean cult targeting New Zealand universities

There's concern about the growing influence of a South Korean apocalyptic cult at New Zealand universities. 

Shincheonji is widely criticised for its misleading and distorted teachings of Christianity, which isolates its members from family and friends.

Lee Man-hee is a religious cult leader who believes he's met the risen Christ.

His teachings are said to isolate and deceive followers.

Now, followers are believed to have tried recruiting at universities in Auckland, Wellington and Otago, and there's a particular concern for international students. 

The group believes the cult founder is its saviour, and it drives people away from family and community.

Wellington-based pastor Nick Field says eight or nine people in his congregation have been contacted, most of them also university age. 

"It's really attractive to them," he told Newshub. "It purports as being a bible study, great community, really welcoming and then there is a dark side that begins to capture them a few months down the track ."

Victoria University's so concerned, it's now updated its website with advice on how to deal with such aggressive recruitment, and student leaders have been notified.

The International Students Association is also encouraging concerned students to get in touch if they've been affected.