Courier driver's 'shocking' delivery style caught on house security camera

Megan Hutchison has had enough of Couriers. The founder of 'She Said Yes' relies on reliable deliveries to run her wedding planning business.  

The small business owner has spoken out about the poor service she consistently receives from Auckland-based Courier companies. 

Around 8:30am on Wednesday, the Mission Bay-based mother was shocked to discover a Courier worker had "hand-delivered" her package by chucking it at her door - from the window of his van.

"I heard this huge thump. We could hear the Courier outside and could instantly tell something had hit the door... it was a sturdy leather men's belt with a metal buckle, so as you can imagine it caused quite a thud," Hutchison told Newshub.

Hutchison's home security camera captured the incident on video. The recent investment has come in handy for the business owner, who installed the technology after repeated delivery blunders.

"I have had so many items lost by Couriers... packages weren't being scanned on delivery, so many purchases have been damaged," she says.

"I've only had it recently put in, but I have used it to demonstrate when they've said, 'It hasn't been picked up'. I can say, 'Yes it has, here's a video of it being picked up that day'."

Wednesday proved to be a very off day for Couriers, who also delivered a package of photos Hutchison had ordered online. 

"I also saw another Courier [package] today clearly being driven over, [even with] a sticker on it saying 'do not bend or crush'," says.

"The photos are all damaged, their corners are bent... because they were driven over."

Last week, Hutchison was also shocked to discover she had been delivered the wrong passport. 

"I had someone else's passport. CourierPost said they delivered the wrong passport after mislabelling them for redelivery at the depot," she explained.

"I had to deliver the passport to its correct owner, a 74-year-old man, and went out of my way to pick mine up from the depot."

Hutchison says despite her camera capturing evidence of the repeated blunders, the Couriers are never apologetic for their mistakes.

"Their response is never apologetic... clearly they're caught in a lie, nothing changes," she says.

"CourierPost delivered the wrong passport due to a relabelling error... and DHL threw a belt at my door this morning.

"These have all been in the last week."

Hutchison worries the quality of Courier services may affect the reputation of her business.

"To know how little care is being given to my wedding planning books once they leave my house is really sad, it makes it hard when you're running a small business. 

"If customers receive products in an unsatisfactory condition, you've instantly let them down. I'll send a replacement and apologise profusely, but it puts you on the backfoot."

Hutchison also says she could be waiting months for delivery fee reimbursement.

"You're always out of pocket, and no one can reimburse the time I spend following up on these claims. I have a newborn, I don't have the time. Sometimes I don't even bother trying to get reimbursement," she explains.

The delivery footage, which has been viewed over 1500 times since Hutchison uploaded it to Instagram, has been labelled as "shocking" and "not okay" by outraged social media users.

DHL Couriers responded to the footage in a statement on Thursday.

"DHL is aware of the video posted on Instagram. We are currently investigating the matter as a priority, to determine the involvement of DHL employees or suppliers," DHL Express NZ country manager Mark Foy told Newshub.

"The manner in which the parcel is handled in the video is not in line with the high service standards that the DHL brand embodies."