Dramatic scenes in north Auckland as truck catches fire after police chase

It appears no-one was injured in a dramatic police pursuit which ended in a truck catching fire on Sunday.

Police began chasing the truck, which had already been involved in two collisions, on Old North Rd near Helensville at about 5pm.

Witness Ian Wishart says he was one of those hit by the truck. He shared a video of the dramatic aftermath of the chase on his Facebook page, showing the truck engulfed in fire.

"I got hit by a truck in a police chase," he wrote. "Car probably a write off but we're ok... truck? Not so much."

Dashcam footage supplied to Newshub shows police chasing the truck - which had no front wheels.

A police spokeswoman told Newshub after initiating the pursuit, backup from the police Eagle helicopter was requested, and road spikes were also deployed.

The spokeswoman said the pursuit was abandoned due to the manner in which the truck was being driven.

The Eagle continued to follow the truck, the spokesperson said, before the truck caught fire and stopped.

A 24-year-old man, alleged to be the driver, then tried to escape on foot.

"A man, 24, was arrested and has been charged with unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, assault, reckless driving, and failure to stop," the spokeswoman said.