Duncan Garner: A failure of leadership allowed alleged Christchurch shooter to spread hate

OPINION: I don't know about you, but I had assumed -  given all the talk - that we were not to give the alleged Christchurch gunman a platform of any kind.

Not on television, not on the radio, his images would be carefully monitored.

Let's do this trial but not parade him. Let's diminish him.

We were worried that his hateful mantra, his bible of a deluded despot would be spread around the world and might inspire.

I know I was careful, I know Newshub was cautious.

We had plenty of correspondence behind the scenes from the lawyers, about what we could and couldn't say, could and couldn't read, all that sort of thing.

No one wanted to trifle with the thought that he could still inspire another deadly incident from behind bars. Now he's winning, and he must be laughing all the way to his next meal because he's pulled one over our eyes.

In fact, he's pulled five.

Five letters have gone out to the world and hapless Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis has no idea where to start looking.

He initially found a diversion called "call for a law review" but Kelvin we've seen all that before.

Just grab a few people, open his mail and make a call.

The law is already in place. His mum, ok, but a nutjob in Europe, no thanks.

We're making this look far too hard.

He's not the first high profile prisoner to send letters - I get them all the time.

Bruce Howse killed his step daughters - a truly awful thug, a horrible, mean, deadly, evil, twisted person - who is ultimately a coward and a wimp wrote to me to protest his innocence and how I could help.

Yeah, sorry Bruce. Do your 28 years. I bet life is not flash. Tough. But let's get this right.

This latest Tarrant episode has proved no one did the homework.

No one led, no one followed anything up.

There was a failure of leadership at all levels. On that basis Davis and Christine Stevenson are in the firing line and if they can't account for their behaviour, show them the door.

Sadly, politicians never really go for being just plain useless, do they?

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.

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