Explained: The strange case of forgotten road spikes on south Auckland road

Road spikes have been left across a Papakura street after a police officer forgot to put them back in their case.

The spikes were laid across Railway Street on Thursday until an officer picked them up and placed them on top of his police car, forgetting about them.

A second officer then drove the patrol car away from the scene, not realising the spikes were on top. They fell off and lay scross the street where they lay for some time.

Eventually, local woman Theresa Stevens picked them up.

"It was like a trellis thingy," she told Newshub on Thursday.

"Fully open, 'cause I couldn't retract it, and it had nail looking pin things all across it."

She says she realised what they were after seeing cars with flat tyres.

Stevens says returned the spikes to the nearest police station, where seven or eight angry citizens were waiting.

Police have agreed to replace the tyres which were damaged and will take action to ensure this doesn't happen again. 



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