Firefighters warning after 'magnifying mirror' fills Thames resident's home with smoke

The fire fighters had a warning.
The fire fighters had a warning. Photo credit: Thames Volunteer Fire Brigade.

After a close call, the Thames Volunteer Fire Brigade is warning of the danger of household items that could "concentrate sunlight" and cause a fire, like mirrors or clear water vases.

On Thursday, a Thames resident returned home from work for lunch and found their house filled with smoke, the Thames Volunteer Fire Brigade said on its Facebook.

"A 'magnifying mirror' had reflected sunlight at a decorative birdcage full of rattan balls on the dresser in one of the bedrooms.

"It had been smouldering for some time and was millimetres away from igniting the clothing in the dresser.

"This was a very lucky escape."

The firefighters said it was a good reminder that while it might be "impossible to 100 percent mitigate this unfortunate thing from happening", the public should move anything away from windows that could "easily reflect and concentrate sunlight onto something".

The comments on the Facebook post were filled with people recounting similar stories, like one woman who said she had returned from a holiday to find "smoke coming off my leather three-seater".

"The magnifying lamp had burnt a hole right through!"

"Almost lost my car to a mirror left on the floor in it. Left a burn line along the roof inside it," said another person.

One person suggested that the homeowner should pruchase a Lotto ticket. The Thomas Volunteer Fire Brigade replied that she had done exactly that.