Hamilton fire truck reunited with 'Skully', but he's missing one thing

Skully has made a mysterious return.
Skully has made a mysterious return. Photo credit: Anna Olsen-Bullock

Skully, the "special" skull that was stolen from Hamilton's Jolly Roger fire truck on Tuesday morning has made his way back to his crew.

The pirate-themed Jolly Roger is used to help fundraise throughout the year for multiple different charities.

"The guys who stole [Skully] ripped it off the truck and it will be [of] no use to them," one of the Jolly Roger crew Anna Olsen-Bullock told Newshub on Tuesday.

"The electronics that make it work they left behind still attached to the truck."

Jolly Roger, Skully, and still missing crow in all their glory.
Jolly Roger, Skully, and still missing crow in all their glory. Photo credit: Waikato Police

Olsen-Bullock now has an update. Skully turned up on her doorstep on Thursday night after he was spotted at an "undisclosed location" by a kind couple.

"Skully is home. He is missing his buddy the crow on his head but he has been returned by a kind couple," Olsen-Bullock says.

It's the second time this week a slightly creepy item has been stolen with something missing, following the theft of "Emma's Doll" from Waipu Museum on Tuesday.

The 200-year-old doll, which is worth $3000, was discovered by museum manager Fiona Mohr on Wednesday morning.

Mohr had "a feeling" she had returned.

"I don't know why, I just felt like I should check the letterbox. And there she was, wrapped in a bread bag and duct-taped."

The doll had been "scalped" and damaged during its return. Police are investigating the theft.