'I'm just doing what I know': Kiwi hunter defends herself against death threats

A Kiwi hunter is defending herself after receiving death threats on social media for her lifestyle.

Sammi Lee told The AM Show the comments have intensified recently, with people calling her sick for hunting animals and saying her dog could be shot.

She doesn't understand the viewpoint at all, because in her mind she's helping the environment by removing pests.

"Shooting one deer to keep the population down so it doesn't actually do anything and ruin something, at least I'm doing something.

"At least I'm not killing them and leaving them on the hill to rot. I'm using anything and everything I can out of them and a lot of people don't know that."

It's hard for Lee to imagine doing anything else either as hunting is in her blood.

"I'm just doing what I know and I've been born and raised to do," she said.

Lee said she believes hunting has it's positives, claiming trophy hunting in Africa contributes money to conservation and hunting in New Zealand saves her up to $500 a month in groceries.

"We only buy chicken from the supermarket and rarely we do that. Everything else is home kill and it's all us.

"Everything's done at home, put it in the chiller, let it hang for a wee bit and then on the kitchen table."


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