Ihumātao protest: Video shows protester racially abusing police officer

  • Updated
  • 07/08/2019

Video has emerged of a protester at Ihumātao telling a police officer to go back to his own country - and she says she is not sorry for the tirade.

The video was taken on Monday night when the police presence at the site increased, inflaming tensions at the protest.

Occupiers have camped out at the site for weeks, calling for a Fletchers housing subdivision planned for the area to be canned.

Several live videos were posted to protester Anikaaro Harawira-Havili's Facebook page on Monday night. One shows her getting close to officers and insulting them, while they don't react.

Towards the end she approaches one officer, who appears to be of south Asian descent, and suggests he leave the country.

"Another foreigner occupying our whenua in Aotearoa and then not even letting us on our own. F**k off back to your own country," she said.

A spokesperson for the police said they were aware of verbal abuse and intimidation against officers.

"I would like to acknowledge the professionalism they showed on Monday night and throughout the last two weeks despite being faced with these challenges.

"We are continuing to remind protesters to remain calm and carry out their protest peacefully."

Harawira-Havili admitted to the abuse in a Facebook post on Wednesday morning.

"Truth. Yes, I abused the shit out of the officers that tried to Dawnraid us at Ihumātao. Paticularly the Senior Sergeant that knocked 3 Wahine over," she wrote.

"Truth #2. I don't apologize at all!"

Police say Monday's increase in officers was down to suggestions protesters were planning on trespassing.

The tensions are said to have boiled over into a scuffle and protest leader Pania Newton says she was pushed over.

"I was really concerned that there were a number of minors at the front line so I was coming through the gate and a police officer ran over, rammed me with the gate I was coming through, and I did fall to the ground," she said on Tuesday.

Police reject her claims.

"Despite repeated warnings from police, a large group of protesters attempted to bypass the police cordon.

"Police attempted to stop those trespassing, but protesters pushed their way past our staff.  The protesters eventually vacated the private land and no arrests were made. Police reject allegations that a protester was pushed over."

Newshub has contacted the woman that posted the video and Newton for comment.