Man defamed by Cameron Slater takes over Whale Oil site

Cameron Slater.
Cameron Slater. Photo credit: Getty

The website of former far-right blogger Cameron Slater has been taken over by a man he defamed. is now owned by businessman Matt Blomfield, who Slater defamed in a series of posts on the blog, which recently ceased publication.

Visitors to the site - once upon a time, one of the most influential in New Zealand politics - are now presented with the opportunity to buy a book, also called Whale Oil, by Margie Thomson. It details the campaign Slater launched against Blomfield in 2012 named 'Operation Bumslide', which led to the businessman's ultimately successful court action.

In May, NZME described the book as a "detailed, behind-the-scenes investigation into years of alleged bullying and threats against Blomfield", after he had a falling out with a business partner.

Blomfield told RNZ on Friday he has spoken to "literally hundreds of people" affected by Slater's actions and posts on the old Whale Oil site.

"People from all walks of life who have been damaged by that website," he said, adding that his primary motivation was to take the stories offline. 

"In order to fully close down the website and take it away so it is gone for good by taking ownership, it means I'm not chopping down the neighbour's trees, I'm chopping down the trees on my own property - so it makes it a much easier process."

Slater suffered a stroke last year, and hadn't posted on the blog since October. He was found to have defamed Blomfield in February, after failing to put up any credible defence for his actions, NZME reported.

The site appears to have been mirrored elsewhere on the web. Former writers have set up a new site,