Mark Lundy 'inescapably' guilty of double homicide, says Crown

The "inescapable conclusion" of Mark Lundy's most recent appeal is he is guilty of murdering his wife and child says the Crown.

Mark Lundy's final appeal closed in Wellington on Wednesday.

If this appeal fails, it will be the end of his case. But, if it succeeds, he could face a third trial, or walk free from prison where he is serving a life sentence.

The final decision will be delivered in writing at an undetermined date.

Lundy's lawyer, Jonathon Eaton QC, hung the appeal on the treatment of evidence in the 2015 retrial and whether the Court of Appeal was wrong to maintain Lundy's conviction after part of the evidence was found to be inadmissible.

In the retrial, brain or spinal cord tissue found on Lundy's shirt was analysed using a technique called messenger RNA analysis (m RNA) which determined it was Christine's.

After he was convicted, the analysis technique was found to be inadmissible.

Lundy's lawyer said on Tuesday he was a victim of "flawed science" and the inadmissible evidence meant Lundy did not receive a fair trial.

The Crown, represented by QC Phillip Morgan, says the "inescapable conclusion" is Lundy is guilty.

"Putting aside all the other evidence, this is central nervous tissue and nothing else. The DNA of Christine Lundy was extracted from it, and no one else," he said on Wednesday.

The other evidence is orange and blue paint flecks found in Christine's skull which matched the paint Lundy used to mark his tools, an insurance policy taken out shortly before her murder and conflict over the married couple's finances.

His daughter's DNA was also found on Lundy's shirt.

"Red particles, which were thought to be blood, tape lifted off the shirt, found to be Ambers DNA," Morgan told the Court.

"Recognising this was the shirt [Lundy] admitted wearing on the night of the killings simply led to the inescapable conclusion that [Lundy] was responsible for the killings."

Lundy was convicted for the murders of Christine, 38, and seven-year-old Amber once in 2002, then again in a 2015 retrial.