Mark Richardson, Duncan Garner both receiving letters from convicts despite asking Corrections to stop them

Mark Richardson and Duncan Garner have shared their experiences of the Corrections mail vetting process, saying it has failed them. 

Both men say they are receiving letters from prisoners, despite asking prison staff to stop the mail.

Richardson shared his "albeit very minor level" experience on Friday morning.

"I've been getting letters out of prison, probably over 30 letters from this person who seems to think I can help them," he told The AM Show.

"They're inside, I don't know what for and they think they're being mistreated. Some ranting is really going on," he continued.

Richardson says Corrections have failed to stop the letters.

"We've been through the right channels, you know HR has approached Corrections and said 'can you stop sending these letters,' because it's giving this person false hope - I'm not reading them any longer, they're just getting thrown out!"

Despite the request, the letters keep coming. 

Richardson is not alone. Co-host Duncan Garner has also received multiple letters from convicted murderer Bruce Howse.

"Bruce Howse killed his step-daughters in Masterton - a creep of a man, a true coward in the worst way," said Garner.

"If you're watching this or listening to this, Bruce I will not be helping you. You do not deserve help. You deserve to stay there and rot in Hell forever as far as I'm concerned."

Corrections is currently dealing with the fall out after Newshub revealed the alleged Christchurch shooter had sent multiple letters from prison - one of which was reposted on 4chan.

Corrections admitted the letter "should have been withheld."



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