Massive 200-kilogram meth seizure an alarming trend, drug researcher says

More than 200 kilograms of methamphetamine was seized by police last week, in one of the country's largest ever drug busts.

The drugs were found stashed in a closet in a central Auckland apartment last week. 

Authorities believe an overseas criminal group is involved. 

This major find worth $144 million was after a lengthy probe, targeting members of an overseas criminal group operating on our shores.

Detective Inspector Paul Newman said it was a "significant seizure".

Police won't say whether the drugs had been smuggled into the country, or made here.

The meth haul.
The meth haul. Photo credit: New Zealand Police

"This represents four months national supply around our communities," Det Insp Newman said.

Police refused to answer questions about the name and location of the apartment building where the drugs were found, but revealed police found the meth stashed inside a wardrobe.

Two British nationals are facing charges in relation to the find; a 60-year-old man was inside the apartment when police came looking, and a 49-year-old man was caught at the airport trying to flee the country. 

Drug researcher Chris Wilkins said this haul is just part of an alarming trend.

"In the last two years we've really had record seizures of methamphetamine here," he told Newshub. 

"And that reflects the supply situation in this part of the world."

It's been a big week for police, on Wednesday, 20 kg of meth was seized in nationwide raids, that also netted luxury cars and motorbikes.

Later that night, 20 packages of cocaine were found washed up on Auckland's Bethells Beach. 

Police now believe that haul was thrown overboard last August off the coast of Australia, as Australian Police intercepted a boat carrying at least 600 kg of it.

Wilkins told Newshub authorities are up against a global network of drug syndicates.

"Unfortunately we've got this situation that's likely to continue for a while."

Meth is still the biggest problem here, and despite this latest big bust - police say there's a long way to go to stop it getting to the streets.