Measles outbreak: Manurewa High School tells unvaccinated students to stay home

A school in south Auckland is taking no risks when it comes to a measles outbreak.

Students at Manurewa High School have been told to bring proof of their immunisation to class today. Thirteen cases of measles have been confirmed at the school. 

Those who are not vaccinated have been told not to return until Monday.

The outbreak also led to the cancellation of Thursday evening's 'Meet The Mayoral Candidates' event. 

"The Board of Trustees has decided for health and safety reasons that all non-school events will be postponed at this time to help prevent any further cases in the community," chairperson Stephen Smith told Newshub.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service is supporting Manurewa High School in its efforts to stop the spread of the virus, and providing advice on who may need to be quarantined. 

"A student or staff member with measles can easily infect others in a secondary school, where students move around to different classes and there are also cultural and sports teams," Medical Officer of Health Dr William Rainger told Newshub.

In July, a case of measles prompted Pukekohe High School to instruct unvaccinated students and those with compromised immune systems to stay home. 

There have been 700 confirmed cases of measles in Auckland alone this year.