MP unhappy Onehunga's 'crash corner' won't be fixed until next year

Residents of Auckland's Onehunga are gathering on Saturday to push for urgent change on a dangerous intersection.

The corner of Church St and Victoria St has been dubbed 'Crash Corner' following four crashes within six days.

Maungakiekie MP, National's Denise Lee, says none of the crashes were minor.

"One of those four crashes that ended up flipping on its side, and the occupant was trapped. This is not just a fender-bender here, a little push there."

A roundabout is scheduled to be installed, but not until July next year.

Lee says the Government is dwindling on the East-West Link project to redirect freight, just down the road.

"You've got people avoiding that congestion now crossing over to suburban streets and literally - boom - you've got crashes happening sometimes twice a day... You think it's a big project about freight? Actually, it's about locals - a female trapped in a turned-over car, another person, their car so badly smashed you can't even see the bonnet."

The East-West Link is currently being re-evaluated by NZTA, which in 2017 was described as the world's most-expensive road when a report found it would cost $327 million per kilometre to build.

It was canned in 2017 when Labour came to power.

"We've said we will cancel the current plans as they exist but we acknowledge that there are congestion issues that mean we need to re-look at how we respond to the problems that generated the original west link plans," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said at the time.