New Lynn Les Mills gym-goers warned after member with measles attends class

Members of an Auckland gym have been advised to check in with a health professional after one of its members, diagnosed with measles, attended a fitness class on Wednesday.

Les Mills gym in New Lynn sent out a warning email to its members following the alarming health scare. 

"We've just found out that unfortunately one of members who attended a class today has been diagnosed with measles," the email said.

"Obviously this is part of the serious outbreak currently in the greater Auckland area."

According to the warning, Les Mills contacted all members who had entered the gym within the last two weeks as they may have been in proximity with the affected individual.

"We urge you to contact your health professional should you suspect any illness," the email continued.

The gym also cautioned members against turning up to medical centres without calling a GP or Healthline first.

The warning sent today.
The warning sent today. Photo credit: Supplied.

The scare at Les Mills New Lynn followers a rapid succession of new measles cases in Auckland as the city borders on an epidemic. 

As of August 21, there have been 585 confirmed cases of the preventable but highly-contagious disease in the Auckland region so far this year.

Nationwide, over 600 cases have been reported during the current outbreak, with around 40 percent hospitalised. 

In recent years, New Zealand's vaccination rates among babies and toddlers have been declining. The ARPHS and Ministry of Health have recommended for all 12-month-old children in Auckland to receive their first measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination.

Eligibility for the MMR vaccine was widened earlier this year, including unvaccinated people aged between one and 28, caregivers of infants up to 12 months and people aged between 29 and 50 with children.

Measles symptoms include inflamed eyes, cough, runny nose and fever.