'Nightmare' hand sculpture arrives in Wellington, horrifies locals

'Nightmare' hand sculpture arrives in Wellington, horrifies locals
Photo credit: Supplied/ Christchurch Art Gallery

Wellington is the new home to a massive sculpture - and it's making waves with the locals.

The five-metre tall polystyrene and resin sculpture was created by artist Ronnie van Hout. It's a large hand standing on two fingers, with a face on the back.

Originally, it stood atop Christchurch Art Gallery, but now "Quasi" is perched on top of Wellington's City Gallery, staring out over the city. 

Wellington woman Calliope Ryder told Newshub the sculpture makes her feel "like a Lovecraftian nightmare has come to life."

Lovecraftian horror is a subgenre which focuses on the unknown, and on powers that are incomprehensible to humankind.

It's confusing and scary - just like Quasi the Hand Man.

Ryder went on the say the sculpture has her "deeply uncomfortable and perplexed." 

"It's scarier than the Santa in Auckland," she said, referencing the gigantic Father Christmas sculpture which appears in Auckland's CBD year after year, despite being completely horrifying.

She was so shaken by the appearance of the hand sculpture that she posted pictures to Twitter to find out if anyone else felt the same.

It turns out a lot of people had a lot of feelings.

"That is terrifying," wrote one woman.

'When you are not watching, he walks," wrote another, furthering the horror of the sculpture even more.

Others are accepting of Quasi as their new leader.

"That's the keeper of the bucket fountain," wrote one man.

Another user had just the right mix of reverence and fear. 

"Gaze upon him, is that the face of a merciful God?"

Christchurch Gallery head curator Lara Strongman said "Quasi" created a lot of discussion during its time atop the building.

"I've noticed that people tend to have a strong point of view about the work, which is great," she said in February.

Hout's art is known for its mix of surreal and serious.