Principal says students in lockdown saw Christchurch livestream

The principal of a high school in Christchurch says there were communication breakdowns the school had no control over on the day of the mosque attacks on March 15, where 51 people were killed.

Around 59,000 school students were forced to huddle together for four hours during the terror attacks. 

A report into school lockdown procedures by audit company KPMG has highlighted various issues, including confused communication, and parents turning up to remove children.

It was also shown that some high school students with access to the internet were able to watch a livestream video of the attack as it happened.

"I would be absolutely honest and say that some of the boys in the school and no doubt staff members as well connected with this as it came in live. That's a really difficult thing to deal with," says John Laurenson, principal of Shirley Boys High School. "On one hand you could say 'right, shut the school wifi network down', and of course everybody with a plan is still going to access. And equally, if you do that you shut off parent contact with kids."

The Ministry of Education has launched a new mobile phone app to alert schools simultaneously to a similar event or emergency.

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