'September to remember' could bring cold, wild weather - NIWA

New Zealand could be in for some cold and wild weather in September, a NIWA forecaster has warned.

Chris Brandolino told The AM Show winter is expected to end with a cold snap, and things aren't looking much better in spring.

"September I think it could be 'September to remember'...could be very active, colder than average, particularly after the first week of September.

"I think we're gonna end winter on a pretty cold note, which is 30/31st of August, so a quick, cold sharp cold snap and then things may need to warm up for a short time."

Brandolino said August could have felt very cold to some people, but that was only because the two months before it had been so warm.

"June and July were so unusually warm for much of the country, July I think was the third warmest or second warmest on record.

"We're coming off such record highs that when you get to normal you notice it, August is certainly a standout in terms of the winter season."

August was also quite wet for parts of the country, which Brandolino said could help refill Auckland's dams after a dry first half of the year.

"I've got to think they're certainly trending in the right direction considering what's happened recently.

"You know a lot of things are dry, you don't move a big ocean liner on a dime, it takes time to stop, shift and turn around."

Watercare is still asking Aucklanders to conserve water.