Struggling international students feel unsupported after 'totally ridiculous' meeting with NZQA

International students, whose learning institute went into liquidation, say they've been left with more questions than answers after meeting with NZQA.

The students were given several options as to how they can complete their qualifications, but many say it'll leave them out of pocket - with the stress taking a toll on their mental health. 

More than 80 students from the now defunct Kiwi institute of Training met with NZQA. Student Karambir Singh says the outcome is "totally ridiculous."

He says he's disgusted. For some of the students, this is the second education provider to close down on them - and there's no certainty it won't happen again.

"First they said you go to KITE, it's a good provider. We came here, it shut down, we can't trust them," Karan, a former KITE student, told Newshub.

One of the options they've been given by NZQA is to transfer to another education provider.

To do this, the students will require a new Visa, which requires an application fee of $310 - on top of the tens-of-thousands they've already forked out

One of the students expressed the intense toll the stress has taken on his mental health.

Newshub asked who else has been affected - everyone raised their hand.

NZQA says the students are their top priority. It says, "this is an ongoing and complex situation that is being actively managed with the help of other agencies, including Immigration New Zealand and the Public Trust.

"Students have also been provided with contact details for the Samaritans, Lifeline and the Depression Helpline if they would like to talk to someone confidentially about how they are feeling or if they are concerned about someone else."

But the students say they don't feel supported, instead feeling pushed to one side.

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