The AM Show host Duncan Garner sets record straight on Facebook Bitcoin ads

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has set the record straight on his own social media use, insisting "it's not me" pumping Bitcoin on Facebook.

On Monday, Garner revealed he's had his own problems with online spam, with Bitcoin and "fancy cars" being promoted under his name.

"It's not me," he said. "They're not my cars, I don't do Bitcoin - I don't do any of that 'coin'.

"I haven't been on Facebook for a couple of years."

Spam on Facebook can involve contacting people with unwanted content or requests - including sending bulk messages, and sending messages to people you don't know personally.

Facebook says spam can sometimes be spread through clicking on "bad links" or installing "malicious software".

On Sunday, it was revealed passports, drivers' licences and birth certificate details were exposed to fraudsters after a serious Government digital privacy breach.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards warned businesses about outsourcing online data following the breach. He told The AM Show people's information must be kept safe.

"Their reputation can be tarnished," he said. "People can set up fake social media accounts under their name - there's no end to it."

The matter is being investigated by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and police.

A guide with how to deal with spam on Facebook can be found here.