The Cookie Project is revolutionising employment for people with disabilities

Two men are trying increase the employment rate for disabled people by baking cookies. 

The Cookie Project is the only baking company that employs only people with disabilities.

Soon their product will be available nationwide in New World supermarkets, creating dozens more jobs.

It's a baking business with a difference.

"We are disrupting the employment sector for the disability community - we don't ask for a resume - we don't conduct interviews," says co-owner Eric Chuah

Here at the Cookie Project, everyone gets paid at least minimum wage.

For one of that's a huge increase from the $2.70 an hour in a previous job.

"And that's not even enough to cover your transportation to work, three meals a day," said Chuah.

Co-owner Graeme has four adopted children - all of them disabled.

Just over a year ago he was really struggling. He was on the benefit just to survive.

He landed a contract with New World supermarkets that has made the business not just viable, but profitable.

He says it's "awesome." 

Each package has a personalised QR code. You can scan the back of the packet to find out which bakers made them.

If you like her cookies you can leave the baker a message of encouragement 

"Sorry I get really teary about this it's a very special place for us," Chuah told Newshub.

Teary because, for the bakers and their parents, it's more than just making cookies.

Baker Rainier has autism, and his mum says these cookies give him independence.

"It's a lot of independence for him because you get paid we open a bank account just for this," she told Newshub.

Rohan, who was born with Achondroplasia a form of dwarfism, says he's lost count of how many employers have turned him down.

Aimee, has just been promoted to shift manager here but she's got a big dream - she wants to change to the work force.

"I am now studying culinary arts because I want to open my own cafe to employ people with disabilities," she told Newshub.

Because to Aimee, "Different is what makes us human"

Jobs at the Cookie Project are now so sought after there's a waiting list of 50 people wanting in.


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