The Warehouse Group launches 'TheMarket' ahead of Westfield Newmarket's $790m redevelopment

The Warehouse Group has launched a one-stop online shop to try and grow the market - as if online shopping wasn't already addictive enough.

However, there is still the pulling power of malls, with one of New Zealand's biggest shopping centres planning to open its doors this month. 

"This is setting a new benchmark in retail, not only in Auckland but in New Zealand," says Westfield Australia and New Zealand's owner and operator, Paul Gardner.

The mammoth Westfield mall in Newmarket has been redeveloped into one of the country's biggest shopping centres.

"This project has been on our drawing board for a number of years, and it's been the best part of two years in construction. A mammoth effort by a number of people involved," says Gardner.

Ten-thousand people have been working on this $790 million mall. It's the biggest investment in retail nationwide, and once opened, will contain over 200 shops. 

Yet there's a huge investment being injected into online shopping, too. 

On Thursday morning a $12 million one-stop online shop, TheMarket, launched over 1500 stores. 

"I think New Zealanders will embrace more choice and convenience. It might take some more time, but the world is moving there and New Zealand should too," says TheMarket CEO, Justus Wilde.

Just nine percent of New Zealanders buy online, compared to 14 percent in the US, 18 percent in the UK and more than 20 percent in China - which is what New Zealand could reach in the next five years. 

But even those signing up to the online market agree that bricks and mortar have their place.

"Still got to have that try on for clothing for sizing, that sort of stuff. We see a nice mix, probably going to get 50/50 in the near future I'd say," says Stolen Girlfriends Club director, Dan Gosling.

"Retailers tell us what they need is a physical representation on the ground," says Gardner.

Despite a huge push to fuel everyone's online shopping addictions, the old fashioned way of shopping is not going anywhere yet.


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