Plea to drivers as motorcyclists head into their most dangerous season

Motorbike riders are heading into their most dangerous season of the year.

As the weather warms, half of Kiwi motorcyclists bring their bikes out of the garage. This prompts a surge in the number of accidents - many of which could be avoided.

As a result, the Motorcycle Awareness Month campaign has been kickstarted on Saturday, to help reduce the number of accidents.

During September and October, ACC sees a 24 percent spike in the number of claims. The most common injuries are to hands, legs and ankles.

"I've actually had a foot peg through the bottom of the foot, right through the arch which was quite painful," one person told Newshub.

In 2018, motorcycle deaths made up 14 percent of our total road toll, and for the first time, the cost of injury claims topped $100 million.

A third of those crashes were caused by other drivers and that's why today's message is simple. Check twice for bikes.

Bikies Newshub spoke to all had the same opinion - drivers of cars are the biggest hazard they face on our roads.

"Most of the incidents are where they're not looking in their outside mirror and don't see us on the outside lane and just come out and try to squash us up against the walls," Les Duffield told Newshub.

"They just all use the same excuse that we didn't see you because most of them are not taught to look," another told Newshub.

Bikies are urged to make sure their skills are strong before they head out on the road, and to check their safety gear.

"Motorcyclists are well protected above their waist, below their waist they'll quite often go with sneakers and a pair of jeans, it's just not safe. So when you're sliding along the road, those jeans are going to last you less than a second," says ACC's injury prevention lead for motorcycles, David Kielty.

And drivers in cars are reminded to check their blind spots and look out for bikes so that our roads can be a safe place for everyone.