Thieves steal skull from Jolly Roger charity fire truck

The truck lost its distinctive front skull.
The truck lost its distinctive front skull. Photo credit: Waikato Police / Supplied

Police are appealing for the return of a skull stolen from a charity truck.

The Jolly Roger fire truck is a custom-decorated appliance, complete with a black paint job and pirate flags.

It's used to help fundraise throughout the year for multiple different charities. However early on Tuesday morning it was targeted and lost its distinctive front skull.

"This morning at 3:30am a couple of guys stole the skull off The Jolly Roger fire truck in Hillcrest, Hamilton. This truck is a charity truck," a post on the Waikato Police Facebook reads.

"The skull on the front is a distinctive piece. And is very special to us. The guys who stole it, ripped it off the truck and it will be no use to them because the electronics that make it work they left behind still attached to the truck. All we ask is you bring it back, no questions asked."

The theft has outraged the local community, which is calling for the skull's safe return.

"Give it back. How pathetic to even take it," one person commented.


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