Truck gets stuck on Nelson beach trying to rescue another stuck truck

Two trucks buried in sand.
The utes. Photo credit: Supplied/Ross Wearing

A pair of utes became stuck on Tahuna Beach in Nelson overnight after a towing incident.

The first ute became stuck around 6pm on Friday, while the second sank into the sand while trying to tow the first out, the Nelson Weekly reports.

Efforts to try and get the pair out of the sand before high tide failed and they were inundated with water overnight.

A witness told Newshub they first noticed the trucks early in the morning while walking the dog.

There are plans afoot to use a truck with a crane to rescue the trapped utes, but the witness Newshub spoke to warned the truck's operator will need to be careful as the sand is very soft.

It's a lesson the ute owners found out the hard way.


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